Move Together


Syzygus: A Greek word, meaning "One who works in the Yoke with you.” In those days, farmers would place a wooden yoke on two ox, so they could plow a field together. We love this imagery— it sums up our goal to work together for the sake of lifelong health and wellness. We believe that striving together is the best way to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

The original word for ‘yoga’ is the Sanskrit word, ‘yuj’, or yoke. The yoke binds together two ox to work together to plow a field. Yoga binds together the body, mind, and spirit to move and make progress. At Syzygus Movement Co, we strive to bind the mind, body, and spirit and stay true to yoga’s roots in ancient India.

Syzygus Movement co is a mobile yoga studio that specializes in outdoor yoga classes and events. Syzygus provides all equipment, waivers, payment processing, and classes. We come to each venue, set up, execute the event, and clean up. Syzygus works with mulitple venues, and can work with single events or ongoing contracts.



Photos thanks to chad anthony