Lauren English, 200 RYT

Lauren was introduced to yoga in 2010 through P90X home fitness videos, seeking to achieve beautiful postures and complete difficult workouts. Later, yoga classes at school brought her to her mat again. She came to the mat stressed, anxious, and eager to please everyone around her. Over the years, Lauren was transformed mentally and spiritually; Yoga brought her focus and peace. She learned mindfulness, meditation, and the importance of breath. Through yoga, she unleashed her inner power, peace, and focus.

Lauren enjoys CrossFit, mountain biking, rock climbing, traveling, trying new food, learning new languages, and doing anything outside. She coaches at CrossFit Old School in Bowling Green, Kentucky. With a CrossFit Level one and CrossFit Gymnastics Certifications, she aspires to achieve her Level 2 certification soon. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Diversity and Community Studies from Western Kentucky University.

When students take her class, students embark on a journey of self-discovery. With a challenging Power Vinyasa flow, students move in their own bodies with curiosity, humor, and peace. Lauren aims to promote ideas of respect, radical love, and generosity towards our bodies, our neighbors, and the earth. Her teaching style of Power Vinyasa yoga can be describes as rigorous, energizing, breath focused, cheerful, and introspective.